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Crushing the world’s most expensive Subaru Tribeca

A radical car, deserves a suitable sendoff
January 30, 2024|by Roger Garbow

An audio system worthy of a supercar

Creating the ultimate sound system for a McLaren 720S Spider
December 27, 2023|by Matt Figliola

Porsche 959 restoration

Bringing the original AWD supercar back to perfection
December 12, 2023|by Matt Figliola

Resto-mod Mercedes G-Wagen

Back-dating a luxury off-roader
July 31, 2023|by Roger Garbow

Vehicular cosplay

Personalizing vehicles to reflect their owners passions
June 16, 2023|by

1985 Peugeot 205 T16

Preparing a rare homologation special for daily driver use.
June 2, 2023|by Roger Garbow

MK-71 gets a new look!

New shoes, new style, new capability on this badass Escalade!
April 16, 2023|by

Ai Design taps Todd Henderson as new General Manager

Industry veteran returns
April 3, 2023|by Ai Design staff

Creating an RS4 Safari

This ultimate go-anywhere Audi hot wagon has had a long, strange journey
March 31, 2023|by Roger Garbow

Getting personal(ized)

Creating unique style for a client's Porsche Turbo
March 16, 2023|by Matt Figliola

Acquisition and deception

Beauty needs to be more than skin deep
March 4, 2023|by Matt Figliola

Provenance and originality: What they are and why they are at the very base of Ai Design’s own standard.

When restoring and modifying vehicles, first do no harm
February 9, 2023|by Matt Figliola

Mercedes 220S : Adding cool air to a cool car

Adding air conditioning to a valuable Mercedes convertible utilized all our skills
July 12, 2022|by Matt Figliola

McLaren 720S N-Largo rescue

Reversing the many ills of a badly modded McLaren
May 15, 2022|by Matt Figliola


NY automotive customization studio begins custom installation of Alpine’s first high-resolution audio system in unlikely vehicle.
March 21, 2022|by Roger Garbow
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